Entrepreneurs expect 2-million tourists if infrastructures developed

Participants of a talk show organized by Radio Barahi in Pokhara on Wednesday. Picture: Radio Barahi

Recentfusion.com—Pokhara: Pioneers tourism entrepreneurs from Pokhara claimed that there could be attracted around 2 million tourists from Indian and China alone in this lake city if Province Number IV’s northern border point Korala and southern border point Nawalpur would be opened.

They sought the basic infrastructures for Indian tourists to reach Mansarovar and Mount Kailash via Muktinath of Mustang. They also stressed on infrastructures for Chinese tourist to reach Buddha Circuit via Buddha Birth Place Lumbini of Nepal.

Speaking in a round table meet on ‘Prosperity’ organized by Radio Barahi Pokhara and hosted by station manager Gobinda Subedi today, all the speakers stressed on the need of cooperation between government and private sector to achieve the above mention number of tourists.

Pokhara Chamber of Commerce and Industry chairman Bishwo Shankar Palikhe said that 10 million tourists can visit from India to China and vice versa if there is developed infrastructure in Nepal and the Province Number IV can have 20 percent tourists of that number.

National Tourism Promotion Committee center member Govinda Raj Pahari urged government for tourism friendly environment in Nepal. He added- ‘infrastructures are the basic requirements for the development of the tourism.’ Nepal Tourism Board Regional Office Pokhara senior officer Surya Thapaliya said that his office is all set to promote this region as per the model of federalism.

Pokhara Tourism Council general secretary Ramu Gautam claimed that most of the tourism promotion and development works have been carried out by the private sector though the government have put agriculture, tourism and hydro sectors in priority sectors.

Published on: November 9, 2016 6:20 pm

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