URL organizes Deusi Bhailo for health awarness

URL staffers and share members in Deusi Bhailo program. Picture: URL

Recentfusion.com—Pokhara: With motto of spreading awareness in the society, the United Reference Laboratory New Road Pokhara organized a Deusi Bhaili program during Tihar in Pokhara.

URL launched that program to create health related awareness among the people in the society. According to URL Managing Director Thakur Prasad Pant, the company staffers and share members took part in the program.

URL also launched that program to promote the sisterhood and brotherhood in the society. Likewise, conservation of culture by Deusi Bhailo program was another aim of that event. The money collected during the program will go for the wellbeing of the URL staffers.  According to company, the institution was established with eight staffers at first but there are working 29 staffers now.

Published on: November 3, 2016 3:02 pm

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