Newborn Care Training begins in Kathmandu

Nepal new born care group posing for a group picture in Kathmandu on Thursday. Picture: Breath of Life–Kathmandu: An Advanced Newborn Care Training, organized by Breath of Life, a non-profit social international organization has begun from today in Kathmandu. Breath of Life has been working to improve the health of vulnerable newborns by installing appropriate technology and facility-based capacity development in Nepal since past two years.In addition, Breath of Life has been implementing neonatal programs in Nepal with Italy-based organization Amici Della Neonatologia Trento (ANT) with the co-financing of the Autonomous Province of Trento, Italy.

The five day long training program has been organized to provide advanced training course on care of vulnerable newborns and reducing child mortality and morbidity & acquainting the trainees with the use of neonatal equipment and technology among others. The training isparticipated in by nine pediatricians and nine nurses from five different hospitals of Pokhara, Bharatpur and Kathmandu. Dr. Do Tuan Anh of Vietnam, Prof. MarioDeCurtis of Italy and a team of other International neonatal specialists are imparting the training to these doctors and nurses.

Breath of Life has been contributing significantly on reducing child mortality and morbidity in Nepal by running neonatal programs and advanced, high-quality and durable neonatal equipment to maternity hospitals or other health institutions in Nepal.The organization conducts regular training programs, monitoring and evaluation activities to assess program impact, and to drive implementation during the roll out phases of the program.

Breath of Life Director in Nepal, Kushal Thapa expressed the confidence that the training program will be successful in training to the medical personnel about the neonatal care and use of neonatal equipments thus helping to reduce the mortality rate. Mr. Thapa further informed the trainees of this training program in next phase will be imparting the training to a new batch of medical personnel across the country.

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Similarly, Pediatrician at the Western Regional Hospital of Pokhara, Dr Yagya Raj Sigdel, the trainee leader expressed the belief that the Advanced training will further help in reducing child mortality rate in Nepal. Dr Sigdel stated jaundice and respiratory-related ailments are the major causes of neonatal mortality and morbidity in Nepal and further added the government has failed to achieve its set target of reducing child mortality rate. In such case, Dr Sigdel said the training holds high relevancy for the medical personnel and enhance the skills of medical personnel and equip them with knowledge of use of modern and world classneonatal equipment.

The organization on the first week of this month handed over neonatal equipment to Kanti Bal Hospital and Paropakar Maternity Hospital of Kathmandu and Bharatpur Hospital of Chitwan. Breath of life-run activities and equipment have been effective in saving lives of vulnerable infants. An underweight and premature child born in 5 months 4 days weighing 558 grams at Pokhara-based Western Regional Hospital some 15 months back was saved by support of neonatal equipments installed by the Breath of Life, Nepal.

The organization has been working in over 20 countries, mostly in South East Asia and South Asia. It has trained over 3,000 medical staff on essential and advanced newborn care, through the cascade training model, and the neonatal technologies provided have treated 1 million babies so far in those facilities.

Published on: October 27, 2016 5:36 pm

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