Pokhara welcomes herds of mountain goats as Dashain on

A journalist poses for a picture from a herd of mountain goats that are being sold in Pokhara. Picture: Recentfusion.com

Recentfusion.com–Pokhara: As thousands of mountain goats were brought to Pokhara from northern Himalayan regions, it is assumed that the Dashian, the biggest festival of Nepal apparently arrived to the courtyards of Pokhralis. The Meat, Tika and swing are some of the major attractions of Dashain in Nepal. So, bringing mountain goats to Pokhara means the arrival of Dashain in Pokhara.

It could be seen the exhibitions of herds of mountain goats in Tundikhel and Hemja of Pokhara Sub-metropolitan City, in mid Nepal. The trading of mountain goats’ is undergoing in the vending centers. Traders have cordoned their mountain goats inside temporally built cages in those areas.

Especially, mountain goats are brought to Pokhara from Tibet, Mustang, Dolpa, Humla and Jumla that are the Himalayan regions. Not only Pokhralis, people from Kathmandu, Birgunj, Bhairahawa and Butwal also fond of the fleshes of mountain goats that have very little fat in body and graze even mountain herbs in their areas.

According to the local people from Himalayan districts, the chill and pristine environment is the major causes that make the mountain goat’s meat so delicious. People think goat flesh has medicinal value as well, because of the mountain herbs they graze on. So some Pokharali sell their own domestic goats and purchase mountain goats for Dashain festival.

Mountain goats are arrived Pokhara after the walk of two to three weeks. They mostly are sold in Gandaki and Dhawalagiri regions and traders from Kathmandu and other parts of Nepal, arrive Pokhara to purchase and take them to their districts. According to traders, a mountain goat costs Rs 20,000 to 25,000. Some 27,000 mountain goats have been brought to Pokhara for sell this year. The meat of mountain goats is being sold around Rs 1,000 to 1,200 for per Kg.

Traders should pay certain tax in Mustang and Myagdi for per mountain goat while bringing them to Pokhara. Last year Pokhara Sub Metropolitan City Office also had imposed such tax but this time, such taxation are said to be lifted by that office.  So, the availability of mountain goat meat is a kind of bonus to Pokharalis because people from other parts of Nepal rarely get such chance to have that kind of meat.

Dashian is the most important festival of Nepal, generally happening in late September to mid-October, right after the monsoon period. It is known as a day of “Victory over Demons.”

Mountain goats grazing at the field of Hemja in Pokhara. File picture: Recentfusion.com
Mountain goats grazing at the field of Hemja in Pokhara. File picture: Recentfusion.com


Published on: October 5, 2016 5:20 pm

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