Sinkholes occur in downtown of Pokhara

A sinkhole in the downtown of Pokhara. Picture:—Pokhara: At least two shops were evacuated due to the sinkholes in the downtown of Pokhara. A readymade garment and another cosmetics’ shop owned by Radha Krishna Rainiyar were shut following the sinkholes appeared in Pokhara Sub-Metropolitan City- 4 Gairapatan which is situated 400 meters northeast to the major shopping centers- Mahendrapul and Chipledhunga.

However, there is no report of human casualty due to the land collapsed shutting two shops along the road side. The sinkholes pose high risk to a nearby four storey RCC building belongs to Prem Prasad Adhikari. According to a local Shankar Parajuli, the sinkholes were occurred as there is not any outlet for rainwater in the incident site where 10 feet high sinkholes could be seen.

Pokhara has been suffering from such kind of sinkholes for years. Malepatan, Nadipur, Nayabazaar, Bastolathar, Chipledhunga, Jarebar, Darbarthok Marga 2 and Nuwarthok of Pokhara were hit by sinkholes last years. Before that, Adhikari Tole, New Road and Parshyang also had faced such problem.

According to Pokhara Sub-Metropolitan City- Planning and Public Construction Department chief engineer Sarada Mohan Kafle, the obstruction in natural flow of rain and ground water is the major cause behind the rising number of sinkholes in Pokhara.


Published on: September 4, 2016 7:25 pm

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