Cloud Himalaya offers data services—Pokhara: Nepal Rastra Bank Deputy Governor Chinta Mani Siwakoti Sunday said that the data center service would be the useful tool for banks and other institutions to save their important data.

Siwakoti reminded that the establishing a data center by every bank and institutions would be a costly way of saving data. So, according to him, banks can have the service from common institution or service provider to save their data in efficient way. Speaking in a program organized by Cloud Himalaya Pvt.Ltd, Siwakoti suggested the banks to use the services provided by that NGO to save banking data.

He also said that banks can have more services from such cloud service instead of establishing own data center by the banks. Cloud Himalaya’s founder Bishow Nath Baral said that his institution came up with cloud service focusing the banks, financial institutions, hospitals, colleges and media centers. ‘We will reliably provide cloud service round the clock without any interruption, ‘he added—we have good power backup and faster internet connection.

Cloud Himalaya Pvt. Ltd. another founder Gopal Shrestha moderated the program that was participated by bankers, hospital owners and school founders.

Published on: August 22, 2016 1:29 pm

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