Bagale Tol wins Tayamacha competetion

Participants perform in Tayamacha Dance Competition in Pokhara. Picture: NKK—Pokhara: Bagale Tol Tayamacha Committee has won the title of Taayamacha Dance Competition organized during the Gai Jatra Festival, in Pokhara.

The dance competition was organized by Jalpa Devi Tayamacha Committee (JDTC) in association with Newa Khal Kaski (NKK). The winner team bagged 25,000 rupees cash prize including a sealed. The first runner up Terhsa Patti Tayamacha Committee got 15,000 rupees cash prize.

The second runner up Ram Krishna Tol Tayamacha Committee bagged 10,000 rupees. Having consolation prize Bhimsen Tol Tayamacha Committee got 5,000 rupees cash in the competition, informed JDTC president and program coordinator Krishna Man Thusajoo.

Inaugurating the competition, Minister for Home Affairs Secretary Narayan Gopal Malaego said that the Pokhara is not only natural beautiful  but also culturally; so, according to him, such nature and culture could be the strong means of tourism promotion of Pokhara and Nepal.

All total 25 Tayamacha teams took part in the competition that was concluded on last Saturday. Welcoming the guests, NKK President Ashok Palikhe thanked the Newar people for their commitment and awareness to save their culture.

Published on: August 22, 2016 2:29 pm

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