Tohotay observed in Pokhara

A mass gathering organized after tohotay rally in Pokhara: Picture: Hum Gurung—Pokhara: Gurung (Tamu) people from Mid-Nepal celebrated Tohotay festival on Tuesday. Tamu have been celebrating Tohotay to chase the evils from their settlements, for decades.

Touristy town Pokhara based Tamu observed Tohotay hosting a long rally from Tundikhel to Nayabazaar. Attiring in their traditional clothes, Tamu people took part in a cultural rally with their traditional instruments.  They also demanded Tamuwan federal state for their rights. Some youths presented themselves in unique appearances with bizarre attiring. Simpani Tamu society won the prize of best rally in overall competition among the various rally hosted by Tamu societies.

Speaking in a mass gathering, chief guest Devi Raj Tamu, former General Secretary of Tamu Dhin Nepal, appealed to end the discrimination and prohibition over Tamu people including other ethnic groups.He also demanded to amend the constitution to include the rights of Tamu people.

Tamu Dhin Nepal executive member and Tohotay program coordinator Hum Bahadur Tamu said that Tohotay had been celebrated to save the settlements from evils and ghosts for years but this time, they celebrated that festival demanding Tamuwan state to save their identity and rights.

Tamu Dhin Nepal, the main host of the program, president Karma Tamu and Pokhara Sub-Metropolitan City CEO Bhim Bahadur Kunwar also expressed their views during the gathering. Tamu people celebrate Tohotay in the last Tuesday of Nepali months- Chait and Srawan in Pokhara.

Participants of Tohotay rally in Pokhara: Picture: Hum Gurung
Participants of Tohotay rally in Pokhara: Picture: Hum Gurung
Published on: August 17, 2016 9:01 am

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