Water hyacinth removal machine built

A sketch of water hyacinth remover. Picture: WRC Student

Pokhara: A model of water hyacinth removing machine has been built in Pokhara. The machine was built by a team of 10 students studying BE fourth year in Western Regional College Lamachaur Pokhara.

The concept of machine was developed as the Phewa Lake (4.43 Sqkm) in touristy town Pokhara has been covered by water hyacinth killing the beauty of that lake for more than two decade. The model of the machine has already been developed but students are seeking funds to develop a practical machine, informed a team member Ashok Lamsal on Monday.

According to him, it costs around 3.7 million to 4.2 million Nepali Rupees to build a practical machine. The cost varies as per its fuel systems that are solar, generator or AC grid. Students displayed a model of machine in projector in a program organized by Western Regional Hotel Association Pokhara.

Water hyacinth in Phewa Lake.
Water hyacinth in Phewa Lake.

According to the students, the proposed machine can harvest 12,000 Kgs of water hyacinth per hour. There are 9 lakes in Pokhara and most of them are covered by aquatic weeds. If the machine is available, this could be applied in all lakes to remove the weeds like water hyacinth.

The floating machine could be built installing paddle wheel, cutter, flapper, conveyer and hull and it could be operated by a driver. Pulchok Engineering College former Din Bharat Raj Pahari praised the effort taken out by WRC students.

WRC chief associated Professor Narayan Prasad Gautam, WRC Mechanical Department’s Associated Professior Ram Prasad Paudel, WRHA Pokhara President Bharat Raj Parajuli, REBAN Pokhara President Gopi Bahadur Bhattarai and WRHA General Secretary Bhekendra Kumar Shreatha expressed their views during the program.

Group photo session after an interaction. Pictures: Recentfusion.com
Group photo session after an interaction. Pictures: Recentfusion.com
Published on: August 8, 2016 7:28 pm

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