Sodha village facing risk of landslide, flood

Flooded Madi River and Sodha village area. Picture: Dilip Gurung—Pokhara:  Sodha village of Parche village development committee of Mid Nepal is facing high risk of collapse as landslide triggered by flood in Madi River crumbled the nearby land on Thursday night.

The village saw the landslide that swept a house of Kanya Kumari Gurung way. More than 10 houses are in high risk of landslide, informed Yaman Gurung. Villagers are afraid of more landslides and they fled their houses to to sheltering and cook dishes inside a school building of that village.

Flood in Madi River cut way some cultivating land of the village, informed Kriti Bahadur Adhikari, principle of Dudhpokharai Secondary School where the belongings of those 10 houses are being kept.

Published on: July 16, 2016 6:20 pm

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