Hotel Association expresses dissatisfaction over tariff hike–Pokhara: Western Regional Hotel Association (WRHA) Pokhara expressed its dissatisfaction over the hike in electricity tariff that will be come into effect from mid of July.

Issuing a press statement on Monday, the WRHA president Bharat Raj Parajuli mentioned that the hike in tariff was unexpected as well as high in percent. The Electricity Tariff Fixation Commission had decided to hike the tariff from 11.25 percent to 22.15 on last Thursday.

“As the whole nation and the tourism sector are gradually healing from the last year’s April 12’s quake wound, the tariff hike decision is another shock to the consumers.” said president Parajuli.

In the scenario that the tourist arrival rate is not as satisfactory as last years, the minimum rate of electricity is also higher in amount to the hotel sector, the tariff hike is not practical, claimed Prajuli.

WRHA Pokhara has been demanding to validate the hotel sector as industry, for years. “We urge the government to provide the services and facilities to the hotel sector as like the industries are getting the services from the government.”Parajuli said.

He also claimed that the decision of the tariff hike will bankrupt the whole hotel sector if the hotels are not provided the services and facilities as like industries.

According to WRHA, operation of generator, refrigerator and other electric equipments though there are tourists or not in hotel and the banks’ loan are making the hoteliers difficult to survive. It is injustice to hike the tariff to fulfill the Rs. 5 billion annual deficit of Nepal Electricity Authority instead of controlling the 28 percent leakage in electricity.

Published on: July 4, 2016 1:12 pm

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