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Ram Bahadur Paudel, Coordinator, Civil Society Pokhara

Recentfusion.com–Ram Bahadur Paudel is a coordinator of Civil Society Pokhara. He is also a social worker and human rights activist. Dozens of conservation related tasks have been carried out in his leadership in Kaski District. Here is presented a short chitchat with Mr. Paudel, regarding his recent efforts on conservation drive. Excerpts:

What is the issue of Hima Griha?
Most of the Nepalese know the Hima Griha is a national property under Nepal Trust formed following the demolition of monarchy in Nepal. We Pokharelis are against the idea of leasing Hima Griha to private sector for commercial use. So, we have submitted an 8-point memorandum to major political parties protesting the lease plan by Nepal Trust. Hima Griha should be developed as a public Park, garden or museum is our key demand.

You are also busy in Firke-Bulaudi cleanup campaign these days? Why did you choose these two streams?
As we know Phewa Lake is a key attraction of Pokhara; also a national property. The lake is also a base of hundred of tourism businesses including other businesses running inside and surroundings of Pokhara. But problem is that the lake is being polluted by the people who directly dump their garbage into those streams that end at Phewa Lake. So, we have commenced cleaning drive in those streams to save the lake Phewa. The campaign has reached in its third series that will be continued again on coming weeks.

In spite of such campaigns, scores of public properties have been encroaching for years in Pokhara; why?
Our national properties are in threat as they have been invaded by the people who want to take benefit of transition as there are no elected local bodies in Nepal. So, the power centers wish to misuse the national properties for their vested interest. In such a vulnerable situation, to save such national property is our responsibility for our better future.

Are you facing any challenge when running such conservation campaigns?
Of course; we have been facing many threats and challenges during our campaigns for years. But we are ready to face such challenges against bad elements of the society. We can’t stand any kind of encroachment and anti-national drive by the people who want to foil our campaigns but we work to save our public properties.

Any other campaign are you preparing to launch?
We only launch some new campaigns following the suggestions from the people and the various sector of society.

Published on: June 23, 2016 1:47 pm

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