Referendum on in or out begins in UK

Pic source:–Pokhara: The referendum in UK has kicked off as thousand of Britons started to cast their ballots today. The polling time has set from 6 GMT to 21 GMT. This is a very crucial poll for the people of UK as it declares the fate of UK giving clearing the deadlock whether the nation would remain in European Union or to leave it.

All total 46,499,537 people are eligible to take part in the polling. In UK’s history, it is the third nationwide referendum, which is also a battle for leave and remains campaign. Election commission has said that the result will be out on Friday morning.

The referendum has commenced following the murder of pro-EU Labour Member of Parliament Jo Cox. UK mourned her death just few days before the referendum starts. Whatever the issue is, the result of referendum will divide the UK in terms of sides. So, critiques say, UK will not be remained UK as it will be divided by differently.

Published on: June 23, 2016 12:06 pm

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