Tourism in Lekhnath

Nepal’s Lekhnath municipality is one of the beautiful cities, situated around 200km west of capital city Kathmandu. Lekhnath is full of natural beauties and tranquil lakes. There are seven lakes in this municipality. Begnas, Rupa, Gunde, Neureni, Khaste, Maidi and Dipang are the lakes situated in Lekhnath.

Tourists visit Lekhnath as a secondary destination as most of their first destination is neighboring city Pokhara. So, Lekhnath is in the shadow of Pokhara. Entrepreneurs from Pokhara hardly care the tourism development of Lekhnath. Tourists mostly visit Lekhnath to see the beautiful and Nepal’s third largest Begnas Lake.

Besides lakes, greenery, Annapurna range, bird watching, caves and Seti River are other attractions of Lekhnath. Despite the rich in natural beauty, Lekhnath municipality is not strong enough to promote the city as very few budgets have been allocating for the tourism development of this city for years. Similarly tourism entrepreneurs from Lekhnath are also just in learning phase as there is much to be done in the development of tourism in Lekhanth.

In this 21st century, marketing and promotions are major tools to promote the tourism of any place. But entrepreneurs and government bodies of Lekhnath are fail to come up with concrete promotional plan of tourism. Similarly, the infrastructures also are very few in Lekhnath. There are very few numbers of hotels and lodges. Very few numbers of tourists have night stay in Lekhnath hotels as Pokhara is very near to this city. There is a data that only 40 percent tourists out of 0.3 million who visit Pokhara, reach Lekhnath.

Rupakot Resort, Tiger Mountain Resort and Begnas Resort are some major night stay places in Lekhnath however there are dozens of other small hotels and restaurants running in this city. Talking about tourism, Lekhnath is still in the phase of developing in terms of tourism. So the government and private sector should work together to develop and promote the tourism of Lekhnath.

Lekhnath municipality should come up with the master plan of lakes’ conservation as most of the lakes here are in the verge of extinction. These lakes are perfect places to develop water sports and such activities. Entrepreneurs from Pokhara also should assist the entrepreneurs from Lekthanath for the development of their neighboring city. If the Lakhnath tourism is developed, the night stay of tourists visiting Pokhara valley goes up.

So, Lekhnath should try to extend the stay of tourists. Now only 1 day is the length of stay of tourists in Lekhnath. Tourism development should be done as per the concept of greater Pokhara. So, the entrepreneurs from Pokhara shouldn’t think, only Lakeside, bank of Phewa Lake, is the tourist destination.

Published on: June 1, 2016 10:16 pm

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