High-price fairs

Recentfusion.com-Pokhara is a first city to organize a fair for the first time some 32 year before in Nepal. As Pokhara came up with such formal events, we have been seeing string of fairs in Nepal for years. There has been organizing different types of festivals across the Nepal for years but are they really importance for the economic development of the country and the people of Nepal, is a crucial question.

Most of the fairs are not met their motto as we could see the mixture of culture, music and various events as well as the display of hundred of goods in a single fair. The fairs are not solely focused on their motto. Organizers include different types of musical event to attract the visitors to the festivals. The goods and services happen to be more expensive in the festival than in the regular market.

Government regulatory bodies neither follow the festival nor punish the vendors who work against the ethics of market. In fact fairs turn to be the place of expensive market. So, the government and the private sector should work to make the festivals cheaper shopping sites and the consumers also should be aware to their rights and the ethics of business.

Other important thing is that the fairs include so many such goods that were produced in the foreign lands. That means the money goes outside the country as the goods are imported. Nepal has around USD 7 billion trade deficit annually. In this scenario, displaying foreign goods in the fairs is not economically fruitful for the country. So, the fairs should focus on the goods that are internally produced.

Whatever the issues are, fairs to some extent helping to make the country’s economy vibrant. Anyway, fairs and exhibition with incorporation of particular goods and services are more effective than the vaguely arranged. Next thing is price of the goods and services that should be cheaper than in the regular market in the fairs.

Published on: June 1, 2016 10:37 pm

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