Zip-line adventure begins in Pokhara

Pokhara: An exciting zip-line adventure has been launched in Pokhara, the famous touristic town in mid Nepal. As one of the world famous cities in paragliding, Pokhara, which is known as the destination of adventure tourism, has again offered another product of exciting activity. Zip-line is one way system where traveler can enjoy extreme speed unlike cable car and ropeway.

Tourism entrepreneurs from Pokhara believe this sort of adventurous product can help to uplift the tourism of that town. Highground Adventures (Nepal) P. Ltd came up with such kind of service which is yet to be officially kicked off. Nepal well-known Golchha Group and Mangalam Group is involved in this ambitious project, which is totally new for Nepal.  According to Mr. Abhinav Churiwal, managing director of Highground Adventure, details of the project will be made public organizing a formal ceremony.

Travelers can buy the package of  zip-line installed from Sarangkot village development committee to nearby Hemja village development committee. The 1.8 Km long zip-line is only 1.35 minute long in time and it gets the speed of 120 Kmph when it is operated.

This service is advertised as the world’s most incredible zip-line that starts from 5500 ft of elevation from sea level to the plain of Pokhara.

Travelers can enjoy the view of dense green forest under the zipline, the majestic view of Annapurna Range, serpentine Seti River and Tibetan refugee camp while they have zip-line service. One should has the weight between 35 kg to 125 kg with no acrophobia. Pregnant women, people with neck and back problem are not recommended for zip-line adventure.

Zip-line is also known as flying fox, foefie slide, zip wire, aerial runway, aerial ropeslide, death slide or Tyrolean crossing. NRs 3890 for Nepali, 5890 for the people of SAARC country and USD 98 for European and American should be paid to take a service of zip-line.

Adventure lovers from all over the world are very interested as the zip-line started in Pokhara. A youtube video of zip-line has 291,306 views.

This touristic town Pokhara sees more than 0.3 foreign tourists annually. Most of them are adventure lovers and goes for paragliding and trekking. Zip-line is believed to be another adventure for such kind of tourists. This service will help to extend the length of stay of tourists in Pokhara. This town have only 1.5 day of length of stay now.

According to Mr. Tika Ram Sapkota, Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) executive member and Pokhara Tourism Council (PTC) president, this sort of tourism product will help to promote Pokhara in international market. “Pokhara will certainly see more tourists in future,” said Sapkota. By Mr. Rup Narayan Dhakal

Zip-line service begins in Pokhara. Picture: Highground Adventure.


  1. Madan Khati says:

    It’s very good news for not only people from Pokhara but also whole Nepal. Pokhara is always a destination of adventure tourism.

  2. Neha Karki says:

    Yahooo….i wanna go for zipline. Good job people.

  3. Badal Solti says:

    It’s really nice news for Pokhrali people…..but did the company going to do some thing for local people from the zipline site.

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